Travel Land RV Sales and Service was an RV dealership serving the Houghton Lake area for 45+ years. It was local and family owned & operated. A very popular place and well known for their personal customer service where customers became like family. After a lifetime of service, the current family owners wished to downsize and be able to work on other passions like their RV Rentals.  As fate would have it, Camping World approached them for purchase of the bulk of the business.  This was fantastic as now it allowed the rentals to become the focus and is now named SUN and FUN ENTERPRISES, LLC also known as SUN and FUN RV RENTALS. 

Travel Land RV Rentals – NOW SUN and FUN RV RENTALS became so popular because of many reasons.  We made it simple for the person to camp.  We provide a great service with clean rentals, fair prices, and excellent customer service. One of the big benefits of renting with us is we provide round the clock contact in case of any RV issues. Drivers have the tools, skills, and desire to help.  Renters simply call their driver and the driver will go to their location to take care of the issue. Nobody is left on their own without a contact even on a holiday weekend.  Drivers work every day of the week, weekends, and holidays. Many of our renters are return people and many have been with us since we first started.  What we find is our renters refer us to their friends & family.

Our Team

Our hard-working employees have so much fun together and is where our "Sunshine Girls" & sun and fun theme originated.  Our cleaning team takes great pride in their work and also wanted to have fun while working.  Their enthusiasm & laughter continues to bring “sunshine" into the offices.  Our highly skilled technicians have years of experience, and most of all, they care about your RV rental. Our drivers have the tools, skills, and a desire to help. Working for such a great place makes all of us want to work even harder.

Dogs.  We love our dogs and if you ever stop by plan to be greeted at the door by fur babies. This is one reason we are pet-friendly.  Of course, we also realize not everyone can have pets, so in order to allow this we do special cleaning if there was a pet. Our responsible pet owners have all understood the extra pet fee. 

We truly want you to have a great time camping.  Tell us about it! Provide us photos for our FB page and you get a discount on your next rental with us. Active military or Veteran?  Let us know so we can thank you with a military discount.  

Contact Us

Call or text us at (989) 578-1023.  We look forward to serving you!