Rustic Camping - Including Private Property

Rustic means you are not camping with conveniences using electricity or being hooked up to an endless supply of water or sewer.  You are roughing it - getting back to nature.  Rustic for this purpose also includes camping on private property; you are not at a regular campground.

With no electrity available, the driver will switch the unit to battery use.  There is NO set battery life which means you might have it only for an hour or an entire day.  You will want to plan accordingly for any food needing to be kept cold.  Do not just rely on the battery life for this.  

When the unit is in battery mode you should be able to have lights but no microwave unless you have a generator.  The water pump runs off the battery, no electricity in the wall plugs which means no coffee pot. You will not be able to sustain the A/C using the battery.  If you try to run the A/C and the fuse pops - you agree to pay the driver his rate to return and take care of it for you. 

If the driver hooks you up to an outside water spicket and electrical at a house than you should be fine, however, should the water quality not be the best at that location there is nothing we can do to change that for you.

If you plan to use a generator, the driver will assist you to make sure everything is correct.  If however, your generator quits working or does not provide enough to run the A/C and you contact the driver for help - you agree to pay the driver at his rate since this is unrelated to the cost of the rental according to our agreement with you.