Rental Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

YES! :) We are approved by the DNR to be able to provide RV Rental services to the state parks.  We sign & abide by a commercial agreement and pay annually to be able to do this.  Our commercial stickers are clearly on our trucks and on our RV Rentals. Check who you rent with. You wouldn't want to get to the park only to find out your rental is not allowed to be delivered! 


What if we can't be there when the rental is being delivered? Do we have to meet with the driver?

It is preferrable for you to be there when the rental is being set up in the event you have any questions. If you cannot and feel comfortable with that decision you do not have to be there when it is being dropped off. At a state park you will need to be checked into the park first. 

*Please be advised - if you choose not to be there when the driver is setting up the rental but later call saying you wanted it in a different spot you will be charged for an additional set up fee.

Cancellation Policy

We understand there may be times (death, illness, etc) that a cancellation is necessary.  We try to remain as flexible as possible with our policy.

With that being said, please understand that we may have had to turn others away with the unit you reserved being rented to you.  Therefore, please give us as much time possible if you need to make other arrangements. 

Renter may receive full refund of money collected up to 30 days before rental, 50% refund of money collected within 30-14 days of rental, no refund within 14 days of rental.  A $99 cancellation processing fee will be applied to all partial and full refunds.  


Rentals come with:


*Stove + Stove Top



*Outside Awning - If it is windy, storming, or even heavy rain you need to roll the awning up to avoid damage.  You are responsible for any damage to the awning.

*A/C - RV air conditioners will only cool to approx. 20 degrees cooler than it is outside (and that is with the windows & doors closed for a long time).  

*Furnace (heater)

*Propane filled tank

*Patio Mat

*Broom & dust pan


*The Master bed is provided with freshly clean & sanitized flat sheet, comforter, 2 pillows with pillow cases.  The other beds in the rental are not made up. 

*A supply of RV toilet paper.  If you run out it is sold at campground stores or stores like Walmart & Meijer. Same with deoderizer. 

Do I have to use RV toilet paper?  YES! Anything other than RV toilet paper can clog the toilet and make it unable to dump.  No flushable wipes, sanitary wipes, baby wipes, household toilet paper, sanitary napkins, tampons, etc.  Absolutely nothing else!    

*We provide everything the driver will need to get you hooked up with electricity, water, etc. The driver will take care of any hook up or tear down issues. 

Units are cleaned & sanitized before & after use. 

Some units may have a TV, stereo, dvd player or other electronic device because it came with the unit.  Sorry we are not able to guarantee any electronic equipment will work properly.