Electricity for Rentals at Private Residences - Overflow Sleeping

We are happy to provide you a rental to you at your residence for overflow guests! 

Things to know:

Houses have 110 amp electrical.  RV's require 30 amps in order to run the A/C.  Being hooked up to 110 at your house, you will be able to have lights, water, fridge, and can use fans you have.  (We do not provide fans). You will not have A/C UNLESS you have had 30 amp electrical hardwired at your house for some reason.

Our driver will hook up all the cords needed and has adapters & hoses for water.

Your property must be large enough for the rental you want to use.  It would be a good idea to measure that space so you know the length. It must also be able to safely accomodate having the RV on your property which means it should be an easy in/easy out tow for the driver.  It should be clear of branches and any other obstacles.  Please have all this taken care of prior to delivery.